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Re: The certificate of 'ftp-master.debian.org' is not trusted.


On Thu, Jul 09, 2015 at 04:11:01PM +0200, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> DSA is well aware of the problem. The root issue seems to be that they
> are lacking hardware to host UDD on its own storage (which was the
> agreement when Zack authorized the funding for the current UDD hardware
> in 2011-ish), so the storage is shared with munin.d.o, which has a
> write-heavy/sync-heavy workload.
> At this point, I would no longer find it fair to put pressure on DSA, as
> I'm no longer sure that I'll find the motivation to work again on UDD
> even if that is fixed.

Are you currently the only person who feels responsible for basic UDD
maintenance.  For sure you are way more involved in all this hardware
issues due to you DPL job.  But I can not imagine that we simply let UDD
bitrot since more and more services are based upon it (for me UDD is one
of the best invention since sliced bread).
> > PS: I'll checkout the blends-all importer immediately.  Please in future
> >     let me know right in time if you notice that something fails.  I'm
> >     observing the results of the UDD imports on Blends sentinel quite
> >     frequently but may be I'm missing something.  The UDD cron mails
> >     are not that helpful if I feel flooded by lots of things I can not
> >     help about.  So I might have missed things, sorry.
> You are flooded because things are failing. If you ignore those mails,
> you don't know it's failing, and it doesn't get fixed. It's a vicious
> circle.

Not really.  I just checked the last 42 mails I received after my last
cleanup.  Non of them are concerning any code I have written and from
what I would draw a task for myself to fix something.  I admit I do not
remember any blends related mail and I keep on investigating what on
blends-all is not working.  Could you give a hint what makes you
suspicious about this?

The only thing that frequently throws some info-severity messages
is ftpnew (which I should probably suppress).

Kind regards



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