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Re: The certificate of 'ftp-master.debian.org' is not trusted.

Hi Lucas,

On Thu, Jul 09, 2015 at 12:56:33PM +0200, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> My strategy was to fix the importers which I know were usually working.
> ftpnew and blends* are failing so frequently for other reasons that I
> haven't been paying a lot of attention to them, sorry.

Fair enough - but what exact reasons are you refering to?  Could you
name one or two examples for failures to enable me fixing them?
> Also, I feel quite demotivated about the performance problems in UDD
> since mid-May (apparently caused by a reorganization of the blades that
> put UDD and munin.d.o on the same physical disks, resulting in a
> workload that cannot be handled by the disks). I've been pondering for
> some time whether I should seek the energy to get UDD back in a better
> state, or just move on to other things.


As far as I can judge several services rely on UDD and thus a lot of
people would be quite sad if you would simply move on.  I wonder how
I could help in this issue (without understanding a tiny bit what you
are talking about blades and disks, sorry).  Do you see any chance
to sort this out at DebConf?

Kind regards



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