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Re: The certificate of 'ftp-master.debian.org' is not trusted.

Hi Lucas,

On Thu, Jul 09, 2015 at 02:14:02PM +0200, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> Basically, it was working fine until the middle of May.  Then DSA
> reorganized the UBC ECE blade center, and as a result, the performance
> of the storage used by UDD decreased dramatically.
> Currently, it's kind-of working, because postgresql is running with all
> safeguards disabled. If the machine crashes, the DB will likely be
> corrupted as a result.
> I've tried to investigate it myself, and tried to talk numerous times to
> DSA about it, with no progress so far. So I don't know what can be
> sorted out at DebConf.

I admit that I fail to believe that it should not be possible to sort
out the thing with DSA to enable a part of our core infrastructure (and
that's what I consider UDD) work properly.  Sitting together with DSA
and demonstrating things should not help?  Asking DPL to moderate may
be?  What point did DSA raise why reverting the change from May should
not be possible?

Kind regards


PS: I'll checkout the blends-all importer immediately.  Please in future
    let me know right in time if you notice that something fails.  I'm
    observing the results of the UDD imports on Blends sentinel quite
    frequently but may be I'm missing something.  The UDD cron mails
    are not that helpful if I feel flooded by lots of things I can not
    help about.  So I might have missed things, sorry.


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