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Abwesenheitsnotiz: approved aegis3_3.29-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED aegis3 override disparity apt-move_4.2.22.1_i386.changes ACCEPTED bochs_2.1.1+20040903-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED Bug#102921: barnhard Bug#102921: Fw: copperfield Bug#102921: Fw: south Bug#102921: its not even fnuny when you do that Bug#102921: Learn about the banking System and their fraudulent activities, while removing debt Bug#102921: Next Generation PPV Device..... Bug#102921: Real Degrees, not fake ones, in 1 day - levitate Bug#102921: Requested Info Bug#102921: Software from MicroSoft, Adobe, MacroMedia and others Bug#102921: The only proven method to enlarge it using the Patch. jvxzj Bug#102921: The only proven method to enlarge it using the Patch. zga Bug#102921: Want to surprise her? Bug#121201: Bug#121201: Are you tired a lot Bug#121201: Dear customer your details have been compromised Bug#121201: Discover the Details of Banking Laws & Fraud Bug#121201: Expiration Date (28-Nov-2004) Bug#121201: Fw: covert Bug#121201: Locating assets to collect judgments Bug#121201: No More Paying for Movies & Events on CABLE! Bug#121201: This may help Bug#121201: what is your nmae? Bug#150669: marked as done (nwall segfaults when lock is bogus) Bug#150669: nwall segfault fix Bug#188612: marked as done (ucbmpeg: bashism in debian/rules file) Bug#208027: marked as done (hostapd has no startup file in /etc/init.d) Bug#215576: marked as done (netbase: /dev/net/tun missing) Bug#227178: same problem in darcs. any ETA? Bug#242272: marked as done (apt-move: listbin repo broken) Bug#245826: t-gnus: please maintain and update the package Bug#255302: marked as done (hostapd: Please package vers 0.2.x since it supports WPA) Bug#259830: marked as done (selectwm: FTBFS with gcc-3.4: label at end of compound statement) Bug#259846: marked as done (rio500: FTBFS with gcc-3.4: label at end of compound statement) Bug#263706: marked as done ([INTL:nl] New Dutch po-debconf translation) Bug#272575: marked as done (stops midway through booting linux) Bug#275337: marked as done (Czech translation of hwtools debconf messages) Bug#278777: marked as done (xsok: unfixed buffer overflow (CAN-2004-0074)) Bug#278777: xsok: unfixed buffer overflow (CAN-2004-0074) Bug#279183: [l10n] aeromail: Italian translation of po-debconf template Bug#279398: O: masqdialer -- daemon for remote control of masqueraded dialup links Bug#279413: hwtools: [INTL:pt_BR] Please consider adding the attached Brazilian Portuguese translation Bug#279413: marked as done (hwtools: [INTL:pt_BR] Please consider adding the attached Brazilian Portuguese translation) Bug#279667: webmin-filemanager: Java applet does not load with Internet Explorer 5.X or 6.X Bug#280099: genparse: fails to install because of invalid info file Bug#280099: marked as done (genparse: fails to install because of invalid info file) Bug#280306: asd4: FTBFS (amd64/gcc-3.4): parse error before '}' token Bug#280389: freeamp: keyboard_shortcuts.html file in both freeamp and freeamp-doc in security release Bug#280476: webmin-usermin: wrong path to restart usermin Bug#280665: gutenbook: Invaild PG Index File URL Bug#280716: Followup Bug#280716: Webmin-samba does not work with sarge's samba installation Bug#280728: webmin postgresql module shows the header (title, links to module config and to main page,...), but the rest of the page is blank, so no action can be choosen. The module was working right until the last update (apt). Bug#281341: Tries to use version 2 bind which is disabled by default Bug#281659: mmm-mode: New upstream version available Bug#282213: catalog: Japanese po-debconf template translation (ja.po) Bug#282264: rtf2latex: FTBFS: rtf2latex-1.0fc2/Unix/missing: Permission denied Bug#282585: gpppkill: black screen under heavy load Bug#67384: offshore checkbot_1.75-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED clig_1.9.10-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED cook_2.23-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED cook override disparity Re: damp and mouldy there! dhcp-dns_0.50-3.2_i386.changes ACCEPTED doc-linux-sv_2001.12-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED dvidvi_1.0-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED ezmlm_0.53-11_i386.changes ACCEPTED fhist_1.13-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED fhist override disparity genparse_0.5.2-8_i386.changes ACCEPTED genparse_0.5.2-9_i386.changes ACCEPTED gfslicer_1.5.4-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED gfslicer override disparity hwtools_0.8-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED ●噂の特ダネ!ただだよ!ドットコム●創刊号 kbackup_1.2.11-14_i386.changes is NEW ledcontrol_0.5.2-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED libdigest-md4-perl_1.1-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED libdigest-md4-perl override disparity linuxlogo_4.07-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED [MailServer Notification] To External Sender: a virus was found a nd action taken. metamail_2.7-46_i386.changes ACCEPTED mmm-mode_0.4.7-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED nasm-mode_20020330_i386.changes ACCEPTED Re: Network nwall_1.32-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED openverse_0.8.7-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED plotutils_2.4.1-11_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED plotutils override disparity Processed: #280389 is serious Processed: confirmed, but in sid only Processed: distributed-net-pproxy is scheduled for removal Processed: gutenberg removal requested Processed: house-keeping Processed: new version Processed: nwall segfault fix Processed: reassign 282264 to rtf2latex Processed: Re: distributed-net-pproxy Processed: Re: rtf2latex: FTBFS: rtf2latex-1.0fc2/Unix/missing: Permission denied Processed: severity of 277645 is important Processed: tagging 279183 Processed: tagging 280389 Processing of aegis3_3.29-2_i386.changes Processing of apt-move_4.2.22.1_i386.changes Processing of bochs_2.1.1+20040903-3_i386.changes Processing of checkbot_1.75-2_i386.changes Processing of clig_1.9.10-4_i386.changes Processing of cook_2.23-2_i386.changes Processing of dhcp-dns_0.50-3.2_i386.changes Processing of doc-linux-sv_2001.12-2_i386.changes Processing of dvidvi_1.0-5_i386.changes Processing of ezmlm_0.53-11_i386.changes Processing of fhist_1.13-2_i386.changes Processing of genparse_0.5.2-8_i386.changes Processing of genparse_0.5.2-9_i386.changes Processing of gfslicer_1.5.4-3_i386.changes Processing of hwtools_0.8-2_i386.changes Processing of kbackup_1.2.11-14_i386.changes Processing of ledcontrol_0.5.2-5_i386.changes Processing of libdigest-md4-perl_1.1-3_i386.changes Processing of linuxlogo_4.07-1_i386.changes Processing of metamail_2.7-46_i386.changes Processing of mmm-mode_0.4.7-3_i386.changes Processing of nasm-mode_20020330_i386.changes Processing of nwall_1.32-3_i386.changes Processing of openverse_0.8.7-5_i386.changes Processing of plotutils_2.4.1-11_powerpc.changes Processing of reppu_0.1-3_i386.changes Processing of rio500_0.8.1-4_i386.changes Processing of selectwm_0.3-4_i386.changes Processing of snake4_1.0.12-3_i386.changes Processing of terraform_0.9.0-2_i386.changes Processing of tex4ht_20030426-3_i386.changes Processing of volume.app_1.1a-7_i386.changes Processing of wmtz_0.7-5_i386.changes Processing of wyg_1.1.3.0.debian.1-3_i386.changes Processing of xbanner_1.31-23_powerpc.changes Processing of xpaint_2.6.2-3_i386.changes reppu_0.1-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED reppu_0.1-3_i386.changes is NEW rio500_0.8.1-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED rio500 override disparity selectwm_0.3-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED snake4_1.0.12-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED terraform_0.9.0-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED terraform override disparity tex4ht_20030426-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED Italian Crafted Rolex from $75 to $275 - Free Shipping Paris Hilton loves Rolex watches Rolex Tattoo volume.app_1.1a-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED We Are the Best Packages Супер миостимулятор-шорты ПАВЕР ЖИМ wmtz_0.7-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED wyg_1.1.3.0.debian.1-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED xbanner_1.31-23_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED xpaint_2.6.2-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED The last update was on 17:48 GMT Sun Aug 16. 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