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Bug#280389: freeamp: keyboard_shortcuts.html file in both freeamp and freeamp-doc in security release

Package: freeamp
Version: 1:
Severity: normal

I think dpkg says it all:

Unpacking replacement freeamp ...
dpkg: error processing
/var/cache/apt/archives/freeamp_1%3a2.1.1.0-4woody2_i386.deb (--unpack):
 trying to overwrite /usr/share/freeamp/help/keyboard_shortcuts.html',
which is also in package freeamp-doc
dpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (Broken pipe)

This is from a system update a few minutes ago.

-- System Information
Debian Release: 3.0
Architecture: i386
Kernel: Linux furrr 2.4.27-stock-k7 #1 SMP Thu Aug 26 20:22:42 CDT 2004 i686

Versions of packages freeamp depends on:
ii  libc6                  2.2.5-11.5        GNU C Library: Shared libraries an
ii  libgdk-pixbuf2         0.17.0-2woody2    The GdkPixBuf library.
ii  libglib1.2             1.2.10-4          The GLib library of C routines
ii  libgtk1.2              1.2.10-11         The GIMP Toolkit set of widgets fo
ii  libmusicbrainz1        1.0.1.final-2     Second generation incarnation of t
ii  libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2 1:2.95.4-11woody1 The GNU stdc++ library
ii  libttf2                1.4pre.20011029-1 FreeType 1, The FREE TrueType Font
ii  libvorbis0             1.0rc3-1          The Vorbis General Audio Compressi
ii  xlibs                  4.2.1-3.bunk.5    X Window System client libraries
ii  zlib1g                 1:1.1.4-1.0woody0 compression library - runtime

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