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Re: Current state of packaging Python software for Debian

W dniu 15.06.2011 02:13, Ben Finney pisze:

$ python setup.py test

I would also like this to become the de-facto standard. Can we somehow
make it happen? (debian policy, python something?)3.3).

AFAICT it *is* the de facto standard. Perhaps you mean that you want it
to be the de jure standard? What change are you wanting on this?

You are right, I did me an "official" not "in practice", sorry about that.

I guess I'm just asking, can we just do it? (flip a switch to make it official somehow). If not can we just start running `setup.py test` implicitly. It does nothing harmful when there is no test suite defined.

I would say it's also incumbent on the jQuery developers to stop
recommending that every application bundle the library leading to
rampant proliferation of different versions and custom patches. But
that's not something that will be fixed within the scope of this

It's hard not to bundle unless you are only targeting Debian. I don't see anything that the upstream can recommend to make that better for us.

2) We keep stripping jquery and replacing it with a symlink to
libjs-jquery but we make the process less cumbersome and manual.

It would be good to work with the jQuery developers in some capacity on

I don't see how jQuery upstream can help us with this. I was referring to the seemingly identical code I see in my packages that:

1) Build the documentation with sphinx
2) Puts it into a separate package
3) Replaces a copy of jquery with a symlink to libjs-jquery.
4) Makes sure that .css and .js files are not compressed

I'm only asking to make 1-4 a recommended practice for Debian packages of python packages/modules that use sphinx for documentation. If we can make 1-4 implicit (somehow) this would simplify a lot of things.


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