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Re: Plain English Please

"Michael Banck" <mbanck@debian.org> wrote in message 20070213154931.GM6109@nighthawk.chemicalconnection.dyndns.org">news:20070213154931.GM6109@nighthawk.chemicalconnection.dyndns.org...
On Tue, Feb 13, 2007 at 09:53:48AM -0500, Joe Smith wrote:
Well this is due to Intel's stupidity. They created IA64 when what was
really needed was something like Amd64.  Then they realized that amd64
was a better design. They added it to the IA32 line under the name
EM64T (without marketing the processors as 64 bit).  Now they call it
"Intel64" and market the processors as 64 bit.

Eh, I know.

Why is everybody trying to "help" people in this thread?  The point is
that our website isn't totally clear and straight-forward, and some
users who don't know exactly (back when I had a C64, I didn't know what
CPU was inside for most of the time either, neither did I care) are
mistaken.  So giving the correct answer in this thread isn't really
helpful to people visiting our website.

Which is why i suggested the Intel64 symlink.

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