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Re: Plain English Please

"Michael Banck" <mbanck@debian.org> wrote in message 20070212180205.GY27601@nighthawk.chemicalconnection.dyndns.org">news:20070212180205.GY27601@nighthawk.chemicalconnection.dyndns.org...

If you look at the URL the original poster mentioned, I think they have
a point - exposing the cdimage.d.o directory layout like this isn't
really user friendly, we want possible users to find our distribution
without having to search through FAQs, this should be a no-brainer.

So while I don't think this is a dramatic problem, it might certainly be
something we could improve on.  One thing which just crosses my mind is
to maybe blend out most of the architectures, and only expose direct
links to i386, amd64 and powerpc plus an "Other architectures" link.  We
have a recurring support problem in #debian having to explain people
that their new Intel 64bit based box is really "amd64" and not "ia64",
for example.

Well this is due to Intel's stupidity. They created IA64 when what was really needed was something like Amd64. Then they realized that amd64 was a better design. They added it to the IA32 line under the name EM64T (without marketing the processors as 64 bit).
Now they call it "Intel64" and market the processors as 64 bit.

Perhaps we can add Intel64 symlinks to AMD64? That could hopefully eliminate
many of these questions.

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