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Re: Plain English Please

Teresa <t_thomasuk@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> I just took a look at your website and was going to download Debian to 
> try it out when I went to the appropriate page I was bombarded with a 
> row of meaningless numbers form this address on 
> http://ftp.ticklers.org/debian-cd/ you may as well have written it in 
> machine code for all the sense it make unless you think that we are all 
> geeks then your on a hiding to nothing.

Glyn Thomas (or is it Teresa?)

I think you are writing about the version identifiers.  Microsoft use
version identifiers too, but they are less descriptive things like
98SE2, 2000, XP or Vista.  If you are in doubt about which to use, try
'current' then pick the correct one for your computer (debian runs on
lots of computer types, the most common of which is i386).

If that is too awkward, you could buy debian from a shop - there are
lots of shops listed on the web site - or try a simplified starter
kit like the one from http://www.goodbye-windows.com/

Finally, I suggest you ask debian-user for help using debian, and not

Hope that helps,
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