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Re: Plain English Please

On Tue, Feb 13, 2007 at 09:53:48AM -0500, Joe Smith wrote:
> Well this is due to Intel's stupidity. They created IA64 when what was
> really needed was something like Amd64.  Then they realized that amd64
> was a better design. They added it to the IA32 line under the name
> EM64T (without marketing the processors as 64 bit).  Now they call it
> "Intel64" and market the processors as 64 bit.

Eh, I know.  

Why is everybody trying to "help" people in this thread?  The point is
that our website isn't totally clear and straight-forward, and some
users who don't know exactly (back when I had a C64, I didn't know what
CPU was inside for most of the time either, neither did I care) are
mistaken.  So giving the correct answer in this thread isn't really
helpful to people visiting our website.


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