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Re: Donations

On 14 Jun 2006, Don Armstrong said:

  [Snipping away stuff that needs more thought to reply to]

>> Well, I am not sure. § means that such a decision by the DPL
>> can be immediately put on hold, well before any funds are
>> committed. I don't see how delaying decisions to authorize or
>> unauthorize organizations by two weeks really helps in the common
>> case; since just 10 developers can put a decision on hold.
> My argument is that it takes time to figure out whether one should
> object to the organization or not and build support for it... of
> course, a counter argument is that it takes time for people to
> notice that they can donate to the newly recognized
> organization. [My fear is that some newly founded organization is
> veted by some future Evil DPL, assets are transfered and dispersed
> wihtout allowing some lead time for people to examine the
> situtation.]

        Err, Would Evil DPL actually pay that much attention to the
 constitution?  And then, what is enough time? Even a
 wolf-organization can be cloaked in sheep skin long enough to fool
 most remote, or cursory,  investigation.  Balance that with
 procedural road block that a mandatory delay  throws in the flow of

        Also, I think the fact that it would take a while for the
 funds to start flowing, so Evil DPL would have to be in collusion
 with the givers too for the monies flowing to amount to much. 

> Is there actually a need to be able to authorize an organization
> without some lead time?

        Perhaps the negotiations for becoming a trustee would take
 place in private; with the announcement being made after a long,
 private, vetting process?

        I really don't think this is significant risk here, and anyone
 serious of fraud would not be much hindered by the constitution.

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