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Re: Donations


        How about simplifying the strictures in the constitution to
 something like this:

]	Since Debian has no authority to hold money or property, any
]	monetary donations for the Debian Project must be made to any
]	one of a set of organizations designated by the DPL to be
]	allowed to handle such things in name of the Debian project.
\footnote{Historically, Any property in hardware, trademarks, or in
copyright was handled by SPI, our original legal umbrella organization
in the U.S.}

        This means that the constitution adds the designation of
 financial organizations as a power of the DPL, and we shall not have
 to change the constitution to add or remove organizations to the
 approved list.

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1986, 60% of all candy sold in movie theaters was sold to Roger
Ebert." -- D. Letterman
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