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Re: Donations

* Manoj Srivastava:

> On 11 Jun 2006, Martin Wuertele stated:
>  ]	Since Debian has no authority to hold money or property, any
>  ]	donations for the Debian Project must be made to any
>  ]	one of a set of organizations designated by the Project leader
>  }      or a delegate to be authorized to handle such things in name
>  ]      of the Debian project. 
>  \footnote{Historically, Any property in hardware, trademarks, or in
>  copyright was handled by SPI, our original legal umbrella organization
>  in the U.S.}
>> Why limit the change to monetary donations?
>         No reason.  I also changed allowed -> authorized,  and added
>  allowed for the possibility of delegation.  How does this sound?

I'd like to see a requirement that such authorization must be public.
Something like "Such authorization, or its withdrawal, must be
published on an appropriate Debian mailing list."

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