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Re: Donations

On Mon, Jun 12, 2006 at 08:46:48AM -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> OK, How about this:

Heh. I was going to draft a proposal myself, after a bit of discussion.
Anyway, I guess it doesn't really matter who pushes it forward :-)

Some comments:

> ========================================================================
> +9. Property and Monies held in trust for Debian

Isn't "money" a word that cannot have a plural form? Not being a native
English speaker, it's pretty hard for me to tell, obviously...

>     SPI and Debian are separate organisations who share some
>     goals. Debian is grateful for the legal support framework offered
>     by SPI. Debian's Developers are currently members of SPI by virtue
>     of their status as Developers.

If we're going to generalize the title so as to not mention SPI anymore,
but then start off by talking about SPI after all, that might sound a
bit... strange.

How about

`Debian has no legal presence in any country worldwide, and as such
cannot maintain any money or other property. Therefore, property will
have to be maintained by any of a number of organizations as detailed in

SPI was created in the U.S. to hold money in trust there, and was
traditionally the only organization to hold Debian money. All Debian
Developers are currently members of SPI by virtue of their status as


>    9.1. Authority
>      1. SPI has no authority regarding Debian's technical or nontechnical
>         decisions, except that no decision by Debian with respect to any
>         property held by SPI shall require SPI to act outside its legal
>         authority, and that Debian's constitution may occasionally use SPI
>         as a decision body of last resort.
>      2. Debian claims no authority over SPI other than that over the use
>         of certain of SPI's property, as described below, though Debian
>         Developers may be granted authority within SPI by SPI's rules.
>      3. Debian Developers are not agents or employees of SPI, or of each
>         other or of persons in authority in the Debian Project. A person
>         acting as a Developer does so as an individual, on their own
>         behalf.

This could also use a s/SPI/Organizations holding money and property for
Debian/g -- and correlating grammar fixes.

Perhaps use some simpler term, though :)

>    9.2. Management of property for purposes related to Debian
> +   Since Debian has no authority to hold money or property, any
> +   donations for the Debian Project must be made to any one of a set
> +   of organizations designated by the Project leader or a delegate
> +   to be authorized to handle such things in name of the Debian
> +   project. Such authorization, or its withdrawal, and annual reports
> +   of activities by such organizations on behalf of Debian must be
> +   published by announcement on a publicly-readable electronic
> +   mailing list designated by the Project Leader's Delegate(s); any
> +   Developer may post there. 
> +
> +   Traditionally, SPI was the sole organization authorized to hold
> +   property and monies for the Debian Project.

This might then be dropped, since it's already in the introduction.

>     SPI have made the following undertakings:
>      1. SPI will hold money, trademarks and other tangible and intangible
>         property and manage other affairs for purposes related to Debian.
>      2. Such property will be accounted for separately and held in trust
>         for those purposes, decided on by Debian and SPI according to this
>         section.
>      3. SPI will not dispose of or use property held in trust for Debian
>         without approval from Debian, which may be granted by the Project
>         Leader or by General Resolution of the Developers.
>      4. SPI will consider using or disposing of property held in trust for
>         Debian when asked to do so by the Project Leader.
>      5. SPI will use or dispose of property held in trust for Debian when
>         asked to do so by a General Resolution of the Developers, provided
>         that this is compatible with SPI's legal authority.
>      6. SPI will notify the Developers by electronic mail to a Debian
>         Project mailing list when it uses or disposes of property held in
>         trust for Debian.

Fun will now commence
  -- Seven Of Nine, "Ashes to Ashes", stardate 53679.4

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