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Re: Donations

On 13 Jun 2006, Don Armstrong uttered the following:

> On Tue, 13 Jun 2006, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>> +       property held in trust for purposes related to Debian. (See
>> +       §9.).  Such decisions are made by announcement on a 
>> +       electronic mailing list designated by theProject Leader's 
>> +       Delegate(s), which is accessible to all developers. 
>> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> I suggest s/Project Leader's Delegate(s)/Project Leader or their
> Delegate(s)/ throughout the document. [I'll ignore what look to be
> strange spacing errors. ;-)]
>> 9.1. Authority
>> +    3. Debian Developers are not agents or employees of such
>> +       organizations holding assets in trust for Debian, or of
>>         each
>> +       other or of persons in authority in the Debian Project. A
>> +       person acting as a Developer does so as an individual, on
>> +       their own behalf.
> I don't really understand this paragraph; are we attempting to say
> that these organizations can't have Debian Developer's as agents or
> employees? Or are we trying to say that the organization can't
> require a Developer to influence the process as a function of their
> agenecy or employment?

        This is just an update of the wording already there, you
 know.  I think the intent is that not all DD's are automatically
 considered agents or employees, etc.  I think I have wording in there
 somewhere that the organization may employ or give other powers to
 individual DD's if they want, but they are not compelled to do so

>> 9.2. Management of property for purposes related to Debian
>> +   Debian has no authority to hold money or property, any
>> +   donations for the Debian Project must be made to any one of a
>>     set
> Consider s/for/to/

        Any donation {to the organization under consideration} for the
 Debian project ...

>> +   of organizations designated by the Project leader (or a  delegate)
>> +   to be authorized to handle such things in name of the Debian
>> +   project. Such authorization, or its withdrawal, and annual reports
>> +   of activities by such organizations on behalf of Debian must be
>> +   published by announcement on a publicly-readable electronic
>> +   mailing list designated by the Project Leader's Delegate(s); any
>> +   Developer may post there. 
> I'd also suggest requiring authorization of an organization to
> handle money in the name of Debian be announced publicly before its
> authorization, say two weeks or so. [This allows sufficient time for
> §4.2.2 to place a decision on hold, and really shouldn't cause a
> problem.] I don't support this for the amendment to add 4.2.6 above,
> because I can forsee a decision to direct an organization to
> disburse funds needing to occur quickly. [This would also allow the
> developers to verify that the organization is in a position to
> undertake the obligations necessary to handle Debian assests, such
> as you mention the SPI doing below.]

        Well, I am not sure.  § means that such a decision by
 the DPL can be immediately put on hold, well before  any funds are
 committed.  I don't see how delaying decisions to authorize or
 unauthorize organizations by two weeks really helps in the common
 case; since just 10 developers can put a decision on hold.

>> Should we move the bit about SPI to an external no-foundation
>> document? I would be open to that, but it would be nice if I see
>> some indication other people agree with aj and me.
> As far as the obligations that SPI has undertaken? It would probably
> be just as well to link to the list of organizations that are
> currently capable of handling assets for Debian and the list of
> promises they have made in order to do so. [I think even deleting
> the list of obligations of SPI and placing that elsewhere may be
> useful because it's not particularly germane to the constitution.]

        Ok, that is three people.

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