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Re: Donations

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> wrote:
>         Err, Would Evil DPL actually pay that much attention to the
>  constitution? 

Probably not, but who would hold them to the constitution?
Or would the constitution be rewritten to match DPL actions
after they've been actively working against its rules?

>  And then, what is enough time? Even a
>  wolf-organization can be cloaked in sheep skin long enough to fool
>  most remote, or cursory,  investigation.  Balance that with
>  procedural road block that a mandatory delay  throws in the flow of
>  things.

I agree that the delay is a pain when things are done right,
but I feel there should be some opportunity for public review
before a fanfare and donations start going to the new body.

>         Also, I think the fact that it would take a while for the
>  funds to start flowing, so Evil DPL would have to be in collusion
>  with the givers too for the monies flowing to amount to much.=20

Not necessarily.  Evil DPL would only need to know that there is
a substantial donation about to arrive that could be directed to 
a recommended irresponsible body.  For example, if they'd just
been asked where a donation should go.

This transfer of power to the DPL from the DPL+SPI together still
looks unnecessary, a bit ugly and would make donations to debian
more vulnerable.

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