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Re: Debian UK

MJ Ray wrote:
> Matthew Garrett <mgarrett@chiark.greenend.org.uk> wrote:
>>[...] There are some people for whom
>>things will not be resolved in acceptable ways. 
> When I'm not part of DUS and don't have to allow DUS to hold my
> personal details, it's resolved for me. I'm surprised if that's
> unacceptable to anyone. There's a shed-load of other stuff that
> would be nice to see, but not enough for me to act on.

The Debian UK Society don't have your details anywhere -- the rules were
written in order to ensure that membership was a matter of definition,
rather than a question of being on a list somewhere.

Ironically, the only reason it might be necessary to record your details
would be to record the fact that you've opted out, but I'm reasonably sure
that the secretary & membership will manage to recall that fact without
artificial aids.

Once we switch to opt in, I suppose we'll keep a list of GPG keys belonging
to members, which will still not require personal details to be kept.

I'm rather surprised you've not managed to work that out on your own,
especially given the fact that numerous people have reacted with confusion
to your assertion that we're holding your personal details.

In conclusion, feel free to relax, we never did have your personal details,
and you're no longer a member (having stated in public on at least three
occasions that you didn't wish to be one).

Cheers, Phil.

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