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Re: All vi and clone to be removed from unstable

On Thu, Nov 07, 2002 at 03:29:46AM -0600, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>  Anthony> How about you spend a few minutes not being ironic, not
>  Anthony> being "funny", not being sarcastic or insulting, not being
>  Anthony> rhetorical, and just politely and briefly explaining what
>  Anthony> you think is wrong?
> 	*Sigh*. I'll see if I can do that below.

[8 blank lines, 14 quoted lines, and 10 lines of original content later...]

>  Anthony> 	* Unlike Ian, your intent, indeed the entire point of
>  Anthony> 	  your example, was to have people assume that I'd
>  Anthony> 	  supported it
> 	Oh, Jesus. I did not think even a chimpanzee would assume you
>  had supported it -- and yet, show that despite that, the initial
>  impression was lasting.
> 	I obviously ocerestimated my audience.

So forgive me if I'm not terribly impressed by your attempt.

>  Anthony> Ah, so, to clarify it would be "If anyone treats you with
>  Anthony> anything other than perfect respect, you should retaliate in
>  Anthony> kind to any level you like, and you may feel free to end the
>  Anthony> conversation then do whatever you like." ?
> 	Being called a moron is mere less than perfect respect?

I called you an idiot, you called me a moron. Please try to keep things
straight. And frankly, I consider someone who's able to handle being
called an idiot more worthy of respect than someone who isn't.

I'll ask again: is that the rule you would rather? That you're allowed
to duplicate any token of disrespect at the same level -- if someone
calls you names, you can call them names back; if someone questions your
ancestry, you can do the same to them? Or do you have some other general
rule in mind?

Or are you just happy to have an excuse to vent your spleen, and aren't
particularly worried about the whys and wherefores?

>  Anthony> Who's expecting you to cower? I called you an idiot. That's
>  Anthony> all. Haven't you ever been called an idiot? Is it the worst
>  Anthony> thing that's ever happened to you? Are you so unable to
>  Anthony> handle not having my unmitigated respect at all times, that
>  Anthony> you're forced to quiver with righteous outrage lest you
>  Anthony> shiver with fear?
> 	Ooooh, proceless. Umbrage after initiating the descent into
>  name calling. This is too good ...

You're doing an amazing job at avoiding answering any questions that
might move the discussion forward. Is that the problem here? That you're
so terrified of me, that even just calling you an idiot means you start
panicing and can't control yourself enough to avoid insulting me in turn?
It'd be a perfectly reasonable explanation, and there's evidence for
both halves: you've already indicated you're afraid of disagreeing with
me in public, and you've already demonstrated once that you're unable to
stop the insults even when you do try. Are you really that thin skinned?
If so, we can make allowances.

That you're just doing this to amuse yourself would be plausible too,
but wouldn't explain why you can't seem to stop.

You're welcome to offer an alternate explanation. Why do you think
anyone's expecting you to cower?


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