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Re: All vi and clone to be removed from unstable

>>"Anthony" == Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> writes:

 Anthony> So forgive me if I'm not terribly impressed by your attempt.

	Oh, lord, the thread that would not die. 

	This is my last post on this thread.

 Anthony> And frankly, I consider someone who's able to handle being
 Anthony> called an idiot more worthy of respect than someone who
 Anthony> isn't.

	Colour me profoundly disinterested.

 Anthony> I'll ask again: is that the rule you would rather? That
 Anthony> you're allowed to duplicate any token of disrespect at the
 Anthony> same level -- if someone calls you names, you can call them
 Anthony> names back; if someone questions your ancestry, you can do
 Anthony> the same to them? Or do you have some other general rule in
 Anthony> mind?

	This is the paragraph that actually prompted me to reply. I
 find your technique masterful -- first call people names, and come
 back repeatedly to harangue them for daring to descend to the nadirs
 you plumb.

 Anthony> Or are you just happy to have an excuse to vent your spleen,
 Anthony> and aren't particularly worried about the whys and
 Anthony> wherefores?

	Well, how would _you_ respond to the selfsame question?

 Anthony> You're doing an amazing job at avoiding answering any
 Anthony> questions that might move the discussion forward. Is that

	This discussion is dead. It is merely a pathetic circus
 sideshow; and at this point, on this topic, I do not think you
 deserve an response anymore. Take that how you will.

 Anthony> the problem here? That you're so terrified of me, that even
 Anthony> just calling you an idiot means you start panicing and can't
 Anthony> control yourself enough to avoid insulting me in turn?  It'd

	Ah, yes. Quite so. I am in deep, abject, panic. Picture mo
 cowering under the sofa.

	I tire.

	This discussion is ended. 

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