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All vi and clone to be removed from unstable


        This is a joint draft message from the release manager and
  Manoj Srivastava ....

	Of course it is not, really. I would hope that all right
 minded people would agree and sign on to the holy task of eradicating
 all non emacs editors from the face of the planet.

	But, according to aj, this is perfectly fine for me to say
 that is is a joint message from the RM, and it is no big deal.

 aj> For comparison, when someone proposes a general resolution, it
 aj> takes the form "The Debian Project resolves to...", even before
 aj> everyone in the project has had any chance to comment at all, let
 aj> alone agree. The group that's going to issue a
 aj> recommendation/whatever and the authors aren't necessarily one
 aj> and the same.

	hoping I have made my point,

 I would be batting the big feller if they wasn't ready with the other
 one, but a left-hander would be the thing if they wouldn't have
 knowed it already because there is more things involved than could
 come up on the road, even after we've been home a long while. Casey
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