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Re: All vi and clone to be removed from unstable

>>"Anthony" == Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> writes:

 Anthony> On Wed, Nov 06, 2002 at 10:21:01PM -0600, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
 >> >>"Anthony" == Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> writes:
 Anthony> On Wed, Nov 06, 2002 at 09:38:36PM -0600, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
 >> >> Since they are not derived from the one true editor. Apart from
 >> >> being a name calling moron, you have no humour gene.
 Anthony> Oddly enough, idiocy within Debian doesn't leave me
 Anthony> particularly amused any more, whether it's faked or comes
 Anthony> naturally. "Too much of a good thing", and all that.
 >> Odd. Humor. Idiocy. All same. 

 Anthony> No, Manoj, that's not what I'm saying. Maybe it'd be
 Anthony> convenient if it were because that's something easy to
 Anthony> disagree with, but it's not. Let's look at the subject shall
 Anthony> we: "All vi and clone[s] to be removed from unstable". That
 Anthony> is idiocy.

	No. That is improbable enough to be funny. It takes a tongue
 in cheek swipe at the mother of all geeky religious wars, that you
 are too bured out from fighting your holy wars to even notice. 

 Anthony> I've seen enough stupid ideas proposed, that
 Anthony> they're not remotely funny anymore, whether it's proposed
 Anthony> seriously, or gratuitiously.

	As I said. You are too burned out to see any humour in things

 Anthony> I'm sure others aren't, but I am, and since that message was
 Anthony> intended to convince me of something, it might have been an
 Anthony> idea to take that into account, no?

	Take what into account? That you are too jaded for norms of
 humour to apply to you? I beg your pardon. 

 Anthony> But no, clearly it's not that I'm merely fed up with hearing
 Anthony> stupid ideas, it's that I have never had any idea what a
 Anthony> "joke" is my entire life.

	I take your word for the fact that you may have a sense of
 humour away from Debian.

 Anthony> Do you at least have the intellectual honesty to note that
 Anthony> your mail differed from Ian's on three grounds: that he was
 Anthony> serious about his proposal, that he believed the people who
 Anthony> he was proposing jointly issue it would agree with it, and
 Anthony> that he had no intention of having anyone assume that the
 Anthony> draft was written by anyone other than him?
 >> Intellectual honesty? Do I have to pound you on the head to
 >> drive the first two points across? 

 Anthony> So basically, your answer is "no" ?

	You can't even read? I have to really really pound into your
 head that the mesage was ironical? 

 Anthony> I wonder if anyone's ever had the guts to say "yes" to a
 Anthony> question that begins "Do you have the intellectual honesty
 Anthony> to admit ...".

	If you do not have the intellectual honesty to admit that you
 asked a loaded question ... Well, in that case; Do you, Sir, have the
 intellectual honesty to admit you beat your wife?

	Oops. I forgot the bit about a sense of humour and perhaps an
 ability to see beyond the surface of a message.  In case you haven't
 twigged on to it, I found your question not quite worthy of a direct

 >> a) and b) -- the message said that it was not really a joint
 >> message (draft or otherwise) in so many words.

 Anthony> If this is the case, it's not an example of anything you
 Anthony> consider bad and thus it's completely irrelevant to the
 Anthony> point you're trying to "prove", isn't it?

	I see I have to really dot the i's and cross the t's. The
 message proved the point --- even when the message said it was not
 really a draft joint message, the release manager comes all over in a
 huff about the message.

	Heh. So a draft joint message, even an obviously fake one,
 carries an impact from the implication that the supposed co-authors
 were somehow involved. 

 >> Good Day, Sir. 
 >> I believe we are done.

 Anthony> So, you'd say that "insult whoever you disagree with, and
 Anthony> declare the thread over" is a good way of dealing with
 Anthony> disputes amongst developers?

	No. You were the one throwing words like moron around. Me, I
 try not to label people unless as a reaction.

 Anthony> It'd be really nice if people didn't follow this pattern:

 Anthony> 	* I believe doing <foo> is bad.
 Anthony> 	* Other people don't seem to realise this self-evident truth.
 Anthony> 	* Therefore I will do <foo>.

	Or pretend to do foo, to show people that actually doing foo
 would be a bad thing. I do too wish one did not have to weild such a
 blunt intellectual weapon, but one can't have everything.

	You can't go about lambasting people, and calling them morons,
 and expect them to cower from the almighty release manager all the

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