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Re: powerpc d-i daily builds reactivated, use 2.6.12 kernels

On Oct 08 2005, Sven Luther wrote:
> Yep. That said, once it is in non-free, it will migrate to testing
> quickly enough.

Ok. What exactly needs to be done, i.e., which code needs to be removed?

> but nobody actually tested removing it, so we go about and wonder
> about asking apple to free it,

I think that getting Apple to free it would be quite a task.

> or reimplement it or something, maybe we can only get ride of it and
> upload miboot to contrib ?

If it works without the proprietary code, why wouldn't it be possible to
have it in main?

> I took the debian 2.6.12 -powerpc flavour and removed stuff until it
> fit on a mibopot floppy. I disabled some modular stuff whih i maybe
> didn't need to.

Ok, no problems with that.

> I think you should look at the .config, see what is missing for you,
> and then check if we can remove other stuff and add those that are
> missing for you.  Mostly the nfsroot stuff, and maybe have ext2
> builtin, not sure if we can squeeze the scsi driver in also.

Where are the sources that you have been playing with?

> ext2/ext3 have never been compiled in for debian 2.6 kernels, so ...

I said that I had ext2/ext3 compiled in my kernels and I would think
that they would account for more space than the OW fbdevs.

> One possibility in the 2.6.13/2.6.14 timeframe is the ability to
> remove the non-apple chrp and prep code. Also, i am not sure if the
> pmac-ide driver works on those machines, or if they use scsi only, in
> this case we can try removing it also.

The box that I have here only has SCSI controllers, but I think that we
could do what Free Software is best at: leave things that we don't think
are necessary. If anybody is affected or cares to ask for support, then
it probably isn't worth the effort of having it.

So, are you packaging 2.6.13 or still going with 2.6.12? In any case
where can I find your latest efforts?


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