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Re: powerpc d-i daily builds reactivated, use 2.6.12 kernels

On Oct 04 2005, Sven Luther wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 03, 2005 at 01:01:19PM +0200, Hans Ekbrand wrote:
> > On Wed, Sep 28, 2005 at 06:17:28AM +0200, Sven Luther wrote:
> > > On Wed, Sep 28, 2005 at 12:00:44AM +0200, Hans Ekbrand wrote:
> > > > > Nope, you need the miboot package from p.d.o/~luther/miboot, and its
> > > > > dependencies, and do (taken from the d-i build) :

Were are the dependencies for your miboot package, BTW?

> > > > OK. I do have miboot installed, so that should not pose any problem.
> > > > But why would not the procedure outlined above work (I copied it from
> > > > one of Rogério Britos posts to the list)?

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I'm building now my kernels
with kernel-package and what I've been compressing to get onto the
miboot floppy is the one that ends on the /boot directory (stripped or
not, I can't remember---and I'm not using a ppc right now).

> > > Rogerio is not creating a floppy disk from scratch, he is


> > > overwriting the kernel on an existing miboot floppy, and can thus
> > > not set the KERNEL_CMDL among other stuff.

But just editing the System.bin file with appropriate commands work
quite well (for instance, for enabling the l2 cache via the l2cr

I see no problems with that if you just want to get something
functional.  OTOH, it probably doesn't help for further development of
boot images, I agree.

> > I am also operating on existing miboot floppy, so I can do it the way
> > Rogerio did.
> Why not try and do it the right way ? You understand that what you do
> supposes that someone else did the above thingy to create the original
> floppy, no ? So since you can create it directly, why not do that ?

Perhaps because he wants to understand the issue first and then do
things "the right way"?

> This is done at miboot floppy generation time, not at kernel
> compilation time.  Something akin to your perl script is neatly
> packaged in the miboot and dependencies packages, so why not use it ?

I think that he is concerned first in getting something working and then
doing variations on that.

> > I modularized a bit too much though, so the kernel didn't do the
> > partition check and never found the partition to mount / on. But
> > that is solvable, compiling again as I write this. This time I even
> > include a driver for the nic and support for / on NFS. If that
> > kernel fits the floppy, that would be really cool IMHO.

I have many things compiled into my own (oldworld) ppc kernel, including
two filesystems (ext2, ext3), the nic driver and other things.

> Indeed. Feel free to mail me (or a bug report maybe ?) your config
> with a bit of descriptiion of what you tried to achieve, there is no
> reason the debian kernel could not fit your need, i believe.

Have you checked the config file that I posted to Andrew Morton some
time ago? It should be on the lkml archives (again, I would send it now
if I were in front of my PowerMac).

Hope this helps, Rogério.

Rogério Brito : rbrito@ime.usp.br : http://www.ime.usp.br/~rbrito
Homepage of the algorithms package : http://algorithms.berlios.de
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