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Re: powerpc d-i daily builds reactivated, use 2.6.12 kernels

On Oct 06 2005, Sven Luther wrote:
> Notice that miboot is not in the archive, altough it may go into
> contrib if we fix the boot block problem.

I'd be happy if it were included in non-free, if that's possible. Is it?

> One thing that needs testing is trying to remove the actual code from
> the boot block and see if it works. benh seemed to say that it may,
> which would solve the licencing issues.

I'm really quite short of time right now (preparing lots of midterms and
then marking them up---ugh!) to rewrite anything...

> > I agree completely, Sven, but getting things working first is,
> > perhaps, one of Hans's priorities...
> This was an argument when the d-i floppies where broken, but not
> anymore :)

Ok, I can be a guinea pig for the current d-i floppies, if you want me
to. But if they are working, why did you ask me for my own .config file?
Do you still build the floppies based on 2.4 kernels?

If you want me to test any particular image, please let me know. I'd
like to have other things working for PowerPC too, like mondo/mindi
(which, AFAIK, is only available for i386 right now).

> > I'll see that. Do you use an initrd? I avoid that like the plague,
> > but I understand that for a distribution kernel, that's the way to
> > go.
> Sure, they are initrd images, i had trouble enough to squeeze them
> into floppies like this, can't add stuff to them, but maybe we can
> design a way to make them as small as possible.

Right. I think that this may be doable.

> We use those floppies exclusively for d-i booting right now, so them
> being initrd-kernels is not a problem, but we will see, if there is
> really machines that don't support quick, we need to :

I have no access to any other ppc machine besides this one,
unfortunately, which means that testing quik on it is the best that I
can do (and quik is really temperamental---doesn't follow symlinks,
wants its kernel on an ext2 fs etc).

When you wrote that, did you think of using quik to boot from a floppy?
That's something that just now occurred to me.

> > Ok, back to the topic, I will post my .config, so you can have it.
> Cool,

Did you get it? There's nothing magical about it. I will, BTW, try to
build a newer kernel, but it seems that the compilation bombs when I
disable PMU support (this machine, AFAIK, only uses CUDA).

Perhaps BenH would have any comments on this? I may, of course, provide
further details if desired.


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