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Re: powerpc d-i daily builds reactivated, use 2.6.12 kernels

On Fri, Oct 07, 2005 at 04:03:10AM -0300, Rogério Brito wrote:
> On Oct 06 2005, Sven Luther wrote:
> > Notice that miboot is not in the archive, altough it may go into
> > contrib if we fix the boot block problem.
> I'd be happy if it were included in non-free, if that's possible. Is it?

Not with the boot sector situation non-clear, but we can try it.

> > One thing that needs testing is trying to remove the actual code from
> > the boot block and see if it works. benh seemed to say that it may,
> > which would solve the licencing issues.
> I'm really quite short of time right now (preparing lots of midterms and
> then marking them up---ugh!) to rewrite anything...

Yeah, as anyone. but the code just need to be removed, or rewritten with 0s, i
guess you could do it with dd or something :)

> > > I agree completely, Sven, but getting things working first is,
> > > perhaps, one of Hans's priorities...
> > 
> > This was an argument when the d-i floppies where broken, but not
> > anymore :)
> Ok, I can be a guinea pig for the current d-i floppies, if you want me
> to. But if they are working, why did you ask me for my own .config file?
> Do you still build the floppies based on 2.4 kernels?

Nope, only 2.6, but i like to compare the .configs, to fine tune or as
reference if i need to remove other stuff.

> If you want me to test any particular image, please let me know. I'd
> like to have other things working for PowerPC too, like mondo/mindi
> (which, AFAIK, is only available for i386 right now).

Not my department, but good luck.

> > > I'll see that. Do you use an initrd? I avoid that like the plague,
> > > but I understand that for a distribution kernel, that's the way to
> > > go.
> > 
> > Sure, they are initrd images, i had trouble enough to squeeze them
> > into floppies like this, can't add stuff to them, but maybe we can
> > design a way to make them as small as possible.
> Right. I think that this may be doable.

But i was not really able to squeeze more of it out, mybe because i include
all old-world fbdevs and you use only yours ? 

> > We use those floppies exclusively for d-i booting right now, so them
> > being initrd-kernels is not a problem, but we will see, if there is
> > really machines that don't support quick, we need to :
> I have no access to any other ppc machine besides this one,
> unfortunately, which means that testing quik on it is the best that I
> can do (and quik is really temperamental---doesn't follow symlinks,
> wants its kernel on an ext2 fs etc).


> When you wrote that, did you think of using quik to boot from a floppy?
> That's something that just now occurred to me.

Nope, but d-i is supposed to be able to install quik so you should not need to
worry about miboot floppies ever after, but quik is broken on some obscure
hardware combinations, so a miboot-installer for those would be handy.

> > > Ok, back to the topic, I will post my .config, so you can have it.
> > 
> > Cool,
> Did you get it? There's nothing magical about it. I will, BTW, try to
> build a newer kernel, but it seems that the compilation bombs when I
> disable PMU support (this machine, AFAIK, only uses CUDA).

Yep, same here.

> Perhaps BenH would have any comments on this? I may, of course, provide
> further details if desired.

not had time to look at it, it is neatly archived for when the moment comes


Sven Luther

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