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Re: Newbie problems

Quoting Jule Slootbeek <jslootbeek@clarku.edu>:

> Thanks soo much for your help, good to know one newbie stands up for 
> another..:)
> I tried chmodding everything and nothing changed, i think my sound is 
> not configured right in my kernel. I might have to recomile (which will
> be a first, but i'll have to do it eventually right?) Anywho here the 
> outputs.

The error you described with sound earlier was an ENODEV error, which means no
driver is loaded to correspond to that device. Try running 'modprobe
dmasound_pmac' as root (assuming you're using a stock kernel image), and then
try playing something. It should work. Then do 'echo "dmasound_pmac" >>
/etc/modules' as root, so that the sound driver will always be loaded at boot in
the future.

Derrik Pates

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