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Re: Newbie problems

El Sábado, 10 de Mayo de 2003 00:43, Jule Slootbeek escribió:
> My first problem
> is that the Sound does not work, a /dev/dsp exists but i don't know what
> to do next to get my sound working, during the yaboot installation i

The usual problem with sound is file permissions. They must be changed using 
"chmod 666 /dev/dsp" (bad idea), or you must add the user you use more often 
to group "audio".

> left the kernel-mod settings the same. Secondly i cannot open my CDdrive
> anymore typing eject /cdrom does not work because nothing's mounted at
> /cdrom. Any pointers/hints are apreciated

Try "modprobe ide-scsi", and then "eject". For me, it works ;-)

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