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Re: OT: Darwin

Ethan Benson wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 11, 2001 at 11:42:20PM -0300, Leandro Guimarães Faria Corsetti Dutra wrote:
>>	Yes you can, it's not free but it is open source.  Anyone can read the code, as
>>someone pointed already even the URL.
> no you must agree to give up your freedom by agreeing to the APSL
> licence.  you cannot access any code without going through clickwrap.

Your right to be as dumb as you want. You only give up any freedom if you get to use their code. You don't need to in order to just read it.

> and its this flawed system configuration that has resulted in many
> unbootable systems, and why i won't support the utterly evil hack of
> mounting an hfs partition on /boot

	No need to also.

Berg, Björn:
> You are right that the sourcecode of darwin is more restricted than for
> Linux. You have to register to get the sourcecode (so it is not really free,
> but in a way it is). But to register for something that's not the idea of
> OpenSource, I think.

Registration has nothing to do with open source or free software. It's just about knowing who your users are. Not that I like them, but sure they do not contradict nothing about freedom.

Steven Hanley:
> This is not because hackers are intrinsically rude or anything, it is more
> that hackers in free software communities expect an absolute right to free
> speech and thus restricting said speech in any manner is something they will
> not abide by.
> So the email you sent to ethan is perfectly alright as you are as entitled to
> your opinion as anyone, however dont expect anything from it as it is very
> important that people can still blow of steam or behave in such a manner as
> Ethan or others from time to time do. It is far more important to have people
> who want to help and are knoledgable around than to have a faultlessly polite
> but on the whole lazy/dumb community.

Lazy and dumb is to loose an argument and then just flame instead of presenting any new information.

Let me remind you all that ESR is not exactly a balanced character. Just try to criticize him and his rants on guns or his attacks on RMS, FSF, GNU or the free software movement. Once he even threatened Bruce Perens.

	Being a hacker is no excuse to be dumb.

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