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iBook Firewire X Success !!!

Quoting Michel Dänzer <daenzerm@student.ethz.ch>:

> Hadess wrote:
> > > > So it might be 15/16/24/32 bpp (and according to xdpyinfo it is),
> but
> > > > the colors are all messed up. I can help giving any address range
> or
> > > > whatever might help you.
> > > > The FB penguin looks quite weird as well (looks as if Andy Warhol
> got
> > > > crazy on it)
> > >
> > > Sounds like a colormap problem. What chip do aty128fb and X4
> recognize?
> > X4 says: ATI Rage 128 Mobility LF rev 2 (and the mem addresses after,
> if
> > that helps...)
> > aty128fb (after I added this line in offb.c): Rage Mobility M3 (AGP)
> chip
> > rev 0x0
> I have the same, so I don't understand why it doesn't work for you (I
> just
> checked again that it *really* works for me :). Maybe because you
> hardcoded
> the chip in offb? Does the iBook really have the same chip as the Pismo?
> > > Please try a 2.4 kernel as well.
> > for aty128fb ? Could that really help ?
> It _could_ definitely. You can only find out if it _will_ if you try ;)

So, as the subject line tells you, I GOT IT TO WORK !!!!
Thanks a lot to all of you for your help.

So, a bit more detail. I used 2.4.0-test8 kernel that I found precompiled on http://kernel.xorsis.com with 2 arguments:
The Frame-buffer pengo is now the right color

I then used an out-of-the-x-force-debian-packages X4 install, with the XF86Config available on http://hadess.net/files/ppc/ibook
and I now have TrueColor. I just need to tweak the config files for the kbd and such to work as expected. I'll compile the kernel myself this week-end to create a nice .deb, and make it available
I reckon that the PCI handling could be part of the problem... Or is that the fact that aty128fb initializes the Card properly this time ?
Thanks a lot Michel, Ben and Olaf for your help.
PS: Ethan, I *promise* I will try newer ybin...

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