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Re: iMac DV/iBook Firewire install follow-up

Quoting Benjamin Herrenschmidt <bh40@calva.net>:

> >I just use video=aty128fb: so the problem must be with the iBook's new
> >Mobility chip.
> There's a problem with the iBook and his new mobility chip. The problem
> is mostly in offb.c, which doesn't know about the OF name. (2.4 uses PCI
> probing and so should not have this problem).
> I'll update my rsync tree asap.
> Ben.
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Hi, I hacked offb.c to get aty128fb to recognize the new chipset called "RageM3p1". I added line 449, a statement to use this name (sorry, no patches, it's already very dodgy to use lynx on a webmail interface...). The problem is that it doesn't show up more than 8bit colors. I also got drm to compile in the kernel replacing drmP.h, r128_dma.c by the ones from Michel, and adding compat-pre24.h. I could get Xpmac and XFree4 (debs) with native drivers to show up with 256 colors.... A bit more would be cool.
Olaf, the XF86Config.papaya doesn't solve everything, I'll try in a second with ofonly. If it works I'll owe a beer to your english chaps.

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