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Re: pmud 0.7-1

>Send patches if you find out how. The public part of the MacOS X source
>code might be a place to look for clues (if you happen to find out what
>they do to make multiword DMA 2 mode restore properly on all machines, I'm
>sure BenH would appreciate a hint). 
>The whole time spent for wakeup is in the kernel, reprobing the ADB bus
>and restoring the IDE disk state after powering the disk back up. I can't
>see how we can speed up the procedure.

I have a bunch of delays that could eventually be shortened once I'm sure
the sleep process works on all boxes. But unless MacOS X, I have to
support old crappy HW and MacOS X has the advantage of it's threaded
driver model, allowing it to restore a bunch of things simultaneously.

For now, I still have to figure out how to make sleep actually work on
the Core99 machines (still losing RAM content for now).


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