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Re: iMac DV/iBook Firewire install follow-up

Quoting Ethan Benson <erbenson@alaska.net>:
> if you can see yaboot when booting OF manually that tells me that the
> terminal is indeed being disabled by mac-boot.  could you try changing
> your boot-command to `boot' as well?
> nvsetenv boot-command boot
> but you MUST have the new powerpc-utils package from proposed-updates
> installed for this.

Right now, I'm using "boot" to boot my computer. From the install doc I sent:
"setenv boot-device hd:9,yaboot"

Then I type boot, or reboot the 'puter, and off you go. Of course if ybin does 
some nasty things behind my back...

> /me checks source, hmm yes novideo appears to be a config file option
> that is converted to video=ofonly, so try:
> Linux video=ofonly

Doh! This would have been useful last week... Now, I know it...

> > Yeah, I know that Netscape is crap, but I have to load it up to move
> all my 
> > e-mails to some more conventional mbox style files.
> > And on Linux/PPC, AFAIK it at least got to the point where you could
> show a 
> > page... So, is *that* solved ? If I can get a Microsoft-esque kind of
> stability, 
> > I'd sign.
> as far as i know it runs, and works, it just crashes all the time like
> every other version of netscape in existence.  if you use it long term
> setting resource limits are highly reccommended. 

The name caching daemon is the most ugly part. Thanks for the tip.

> BTW if you want a backup bootstrap and have multple machines around
> (as you appear to having an iBook and iMac) you may want to look at
> setting up netboot, its a nice fallback, and is not very hard.  see my
> page for the netboot mini-howto. 

Bonus question: would this work with airport :P
BTW, with new machines it is possible to boot off some USB-devices, this has 
been asked a couple of days ago. The OF path, by default is zip:


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