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Re: iMac DV/iBook Firewire install follow-up

On Mon, Oct 09, 2000 at 07:08:41PM +0200, Hadess wrote:
> Right now, I'm using "boot" to boot my computer. From the install doc I sent:
> "setenv boot-device hd:9,yaboot"

you shouldn't have to do this..

> Then I type boot, or reboot the 'puter, and off you go. Of course if ybin does 
> some nasty things behind my back...

the newer versions of ybin set the boot-device variable to
hd:X,\\:tbxi unless you add nonvram to yaboot.conf.  this is normally
preferable since it ensures the bootstrap partition gets booted
correctly.  if for any reason this does not work for you that needs to
be fixed because most people don't want to mess with OF.

> Bonus question: would this work with airport :P

i don't know, so long as OpenFirmware has been tought how to boot from
that device yes it will work.  there is nothing really special about
netbooting.  (unless enet:0 is different then my example yaboot.conf
won't work...)

> BTW, with new machines it is possible to boot off some USB-devices, this has 
> been asked a couple of days ago. The OF path, by default is zip:

hmm...  odd since zip: points at the secondary slave device on most
desktop machines...

Ethan Benson

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