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Re: iMac DV/iBook Firewire install follow-up

Quoting Ethan Benson <erbenson@alaska.net>:

> On Mon, Oct 09, 2000 at 02:19:39PM +0200, Hadess wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I've just done the (final) installation on my iBook Firewire. Ended up
> producing 
> > the attached document. Here comes a few questions:
> > 
> > Note: I use an iMac DV (3rd generation) and an iBook Firewire SE.
> > 
> > 1. yaboot doesn't show up, I mean that I've got to get in the Open
> Firmware to 
> > get a display and then type boot, otherwise the screen stays black and
> then I 
> > get the "BootX early console", followed by the kernel boot. Is that
> normal (and 
> > yes, I raised the delay to 200 tenth seconds). Happens on both
> computers.
> I have been getting some reports of display problems with ybin's
> bootscript (the new one) one some machines, and trying to find a way
> to solve it.  i am not entirely sure how yaboot writes things to the
> screen, but i would be interested to see if ybin 0.26's bootscript
> (when configured to display a menu) works on your machine.
> unfortunatly its not packaged (0.23 is using very different Forth
> code) the current script writes text directly into the framebuffer
> rather then with the OF console output (which does not work AFAICT)
> would you test this?

Well, if that doesn't screw up my install completely, yes, I'll give it a try.

> one other simple test you could try is adding:
> install-console 

Will try that as well

> to your current /etc/ofboot.b, right after the <BOOT-SCRIPT> tag.
> rerun ybin and see if you can see yaboot then.  it appears that with
> some newer macs the mac-boot OF command is disabling the terminal,
> this can result in not being able to type text or write things to the
> screen.  i am trying to find a solution to this, install-console does
> not entirely fix it on my machine.  (my machine does not have too
> crippled of a terminal though)
> i am getting VERY tempted to disable the mac-boot command altogether
> but 1) that is not a great solution and 2) it still may not solve all
> the problems.  
> > 2. Is there any way to pass arguments to the kernel using yaboot, like
> > does. (for example, typing "Linux novideo" would have saved me a
> re-install).
> yes yaboot has a boot prompt that works nearly the same as LILO.  but
> you kind of have to see it ;-)

I got to see it entering OF first. But typing "Linux novideo", Linux being the 
name of the option didn't work... at all. Or should I use another syntax.

> > 3. Are the netscape issues raised a couple of months ago gone ?
> (Netscape 
> > freezing on start-up, etc.)
> no that is standard Netscape behavior.  

Yeah, I know that Netscape is crap, but I have to load it up to move all my 
e-mails to some more conventional mbox style files.
And on Linux/PPC, AFAIK it at least got to the point where you could show a 
page... So, is *that* solved ? If I can get a Microsoft-esque kind of stability, 
I'd sign.

Thanks for your time


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