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Re: iMac DV/iBook Firewire install follow-up

On Mon, Oct 09, 2000 at 02:19:39PM +0200, Hadess wrote:
> Hi,
> I've just done the (final) installation on my iBook Firewire. Ended up producing 
> the attached document. Here comes a few questions:
> Note: I use an iMac DV (3rd generation) and an iBook Firewire SE.
> 1. yaboot doesn't show up, I mean that I've got to get in the Open Firmware to 
> get a display and then type boot, otherwise the screen stays black and then I 
> get the "BootX early console", followed by the kernel boot. Is that normal (and 
> yes, I raised the delay to 200 tenth seconds). Happens on both computers.

I have been getting some reports of display problems with ybin's
bootscript (the new one) one some machines, and trying to find a way
to solve it.  i am not entirely sure how yaboot writes things to the
screen, but i would be interested to see if ybin 0.26's bootscript
(when configured to display a menu) works on your machine.
unfortunatly its not packaged (0.23 is using very different Forth
code) the current script writes text directly into the framebuffer
rather then with the OF console output (which does not work AFAICT)

would you test this?  

one other simple test you could try is adding:


to your current /etc/ofboot.b, right after the <BOOT-SCRIPT> tag.
rerun ybin and see if you can see yaboot then.  it appears that with
some newer macs the mac-boot OF command is disabling the terminal,
this can result in not being able to type text or write things to the
screen.  i am trying to find a solution to this, install-console does
not entirely fix it on my machine.  (my machine does not have too
crippled of a terminal though)

i am getting VERY tempted to disable the mac-boot command altogether
but 1) that is not a great solution and 2) it still may not solve all
the problems.  

> 2. Is there any way to pass arguments to the kernel using yaboot, like LILO 
> does. (for example, typing "Linux novideo" would have saved me a re-install).

yes yaboot has a boot prompt that works nearly the same as LILO.  but
you kind of have to see it ;-)

> 3. Are the netscape issues raised a couple of months ago gone ? (Netscape 
> freezing on start-up, etc.)

no that is standard Netscape behavior.  

> 4. Is audio on the iBook working (I can figure it out myself by trying the 
> backport, I just wanna know if I'm supposed to succeed) ? Same question for the 
> iMac DV.

i don't know about this.


Ethan Benson

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