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Re: [PROPOSAL] Origin and Bugs support

On Mon, 27 Nov 2000 00:07:18 +0000 (UTC),
bcollins@debian.org (Ben Collins) said:

    > IMO, Progeny should only get bug reports for packages that
    > they intentionally changed. Further more, I don't think
    > distributions should take over Debian's job. Progeny and
    > other offshoots exist on top of Debian, which is the core.
    > To say that you want all bug reports from all packages
    > installed under Progeny, whether they are from progeny or
    > not, is basically hording.

That's fine. The only reason i feel that way is that i don't want
to put a burden on volunteers. In addition to our individual
membership in the Debian community (except me, been stuck in NM
for over 6 months now), we want Progeny to be a well-behaved
member also. The last thing we want to do is horde.

If Debian decides that bug reports should go to Debian unless
we've modified the package, that's what we'll do.

    > As much as we trust Progeny, because of it's roots and it's
    > employees, we don't want to start a precedent where an
    > offshoot distribution can horde fixes and bug reports that
    > Debian should know about. Obviously this can be done
    > without or without your implied functionality, but I don't
    > think we want to support this within Debian.

I agree.

Eric Gillespie, Jr. <*> epg@progeny.com
Software Developer
Progeny Linux Systems - http://progeny.com

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