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Re: [PROPOSAL] Origin and Bugs support

Previously Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> Yes, because you ingored the discussion on -policy and implemented
> whatever you wanted and then expected it to just become accepted.

Because in my opinion that discussion didn't produce any good

> What? It comes from Debian and has an alternate bug location. What exactly
> is wrong with that? So what should I use for an origin tag in this case?
> Debian129? Some long random string of digits? 

Debian has its own BTS. WTF would you want a Debian package use an
alternative BTS? It is either a real part of the distribution and should
be treated as such, or not.

> > Lots of people don't use networks or apt. Any scheme that relies on
> > either of those is broken.
> Yeah right. 'Lots' of people don't use dpkg and bug reporting tools too.
> Better make sure to cater to those minorities too!! You are being way to
> selective in which minority is important here.

I'll cater to any minority if possible. 

> Having APT maintain the cannonical Origin data as it collects the
> information from CDs and remote sites is a really good idea which would
> make this scheme alot more worthwhile. It would break for fewer people
> than what you are pushing!

So tell me what I'm breaking? I haven't yet heard anything that breaks.

> > > This was brought up before too -- Debian packages probably should not be
> > > tagged at all. Otherwise derived distributions will have to go and
> > > unset/reset this which means a full dist recompile! 
> > 
> > They can just change the /etc/dpkg/origins/debian file.
> Screw those packages that are actually from Debian eh? Nice hack.

What are you trying to achieve with not tagging Debian packages? If a
derived distro wants to get bugreports for a modified package they have
to change it anyway and don't need to modify /etc/dpkg/origins/debian.
If they don't then the default setup is just fine.


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