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Re: [PROPOSAL] Origin and Bugs support

On Sun, Nov 26, 2000 at 06:58:57PM -0500, Ben Collins wrote:

> IMO, Progeny should only get bug reports for packages that they
> intentionally changed.

The only way to ensure that is the ensure that they don't modify the
bug reporting tools, which is obviously an exercise in futility
(unless we want to make our bug-reporting tools non-free, and even
then they can write their own).

> Further more, I don't think distributions should take over Debian's job.

Then we should ensure that all Debian developers be polite and
sympathetic at all times, just like a commercial entity's support
department would be.  Dream on!  :-)

First of all, it's really none of our business how people use Debian,
and that includes resellers/repackagers.  If they want to collect all
the bug reports, well, that's certainly allowed by the terms of the
DFSG.  We could, if we wanted, request that they *not* do such a
thing, but unlike Ben, I see absolutely no reason to do so.

> Debian, which is the core. To say that you want all bug reports from all
> packages installed under Progeny, whether they are from progeny or not, is
> basically hording.

Bah, that's the silliest thing I've heard in quite some time.
Furthermore, it cuts both ways.  Either we stop "hoarding" our own bug
reports, and send all bug reports upstream automatically (which is
something that a few authors have requested), or we allow others who
repackage *our* system to "hoard" these oh-so-precious (?) bug reports
from their customers.  To deny the latter while attempting to prevent
the latter would be the utmost in hypocrisy!

> As much as we trust Progeny

We don't NEED to trust them!  It's FREE SOFTWARE!!  They can do what
they want with it (as long as they don't violate the licenses).  I
think this whole line of reasoning is a complete red herring.  Let's
focus on what really matters -- which approach provides the greatest
flexibility?  Kepp the goddamned politics out of what should be a
technical issue, please.

> we don't want to start a precedent where an offshoot distribution
> can horde fixes and bug reports that Debian should know about.

To put it impolitely, fuck that noise.  It's none of our fucking
business what people do with Debian as long as they obey the licenses
and provide proper attributions.  Otherwise, we're non-free, and I quit.

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