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rename-repository script added

On 28/05/14 16:30, Daniel Lintott wrote:
> On 28/05/14 16:21, gregor herrmann wrote:
>> Hm, what do you think about putting these 4 steps in a tiny shell
>> script?
>> (As rename-repository or similar, like setup-repository and
>> remove-repository, in our meta.git, and on Alioth symlinked from
>> /git/pkg-perl like the other 2?)
> I would say that sounds like a very good idea! I shall see what I can
> come up with ;)

I have just pushed the rename-repository [0] script into meta and
symlinked it the same as the other two scripts in /git/pkg-perl

The syntax is very similar to that used by setup-repository:

Usage: rename-repository <old_package> <new_package>

    <old_package> is the old package name we are renaming from.
    <new_package> is the the new package name for the git repository.


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