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Re: libtime-modules-perl

On 28/05/14 15:58, Daniel Lintott wrote:
> On 28/05/14 15:44, gregor herrmann wrote:
>> On Wed, 28 May 2014 09:55:13 +0100, Daniel Lintott wrote:
>>>>> My preference ist to
>>>>> - take the existing packaging but
>>>>> - rename the source package (and produce a new binary and make
>>>>>   the old one a transitional dummy package), else someone (at least
>>>>>   me :)) will be confused in the future
>>>> Yes, exactly.
>>> Apologies if there was some confusion... that was probably down to my
>>> wording!
>> No worries, we others also added our share to the confusion :)
>> I see that you've changed the package in git already. Two questions
>> after a very quick view at it:
>> - Should we rename also the git repo? I tend to "yes", since it the
>>   moment the (repo and therefore the) local directory is called after
>>   the old package name, which means I'll never find it again :)
>>   and `dpt co libtime-parsedate-perl' also doesn't work.
> I had indeed wondered the same thing! What would be the process for
> renaming the git repo.. Is it a rename of do we create a new repo with
> dpt alioth-repo?

I think I've probably just answered this myself... but I'll make sure my
method is sane and correct first!

1) SSH into git.debian.org
2) mv /git/pkg-perl/packages/libtime-modules-perl.git \
3) Update the description in libtime-parsedate-perl.git
4) Now update .mrconfig (locally or on remote?) and commit

That seems to be everything required... I think!

Daniel Lintott
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