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Re: libtime-modules-perl

On Wed, 28 May 2014 16:09:52 +0100, Daniel Lintott wrote:

> > I had indeed wondered the same thing! What would be the process for
> > renaming the git repo.. Is it a rename of do we create a new repo with
> > dpt alioth-repo?
> I think I've probably just answered this myself... but I'll make sure my
> method is sane and correct first!

Perfect :)
> 1) SSH into git.debian.org
> 2) mv /git/pkg-perl/packages/libtime-modules-perl.git \
> 	/git/pkg-perl/packages/libtime-parsedate-perl.git
> 3) Update the description in libtime-parsedate-perl.git

Oh, I missed that detail.
(I guess we have some wong descriptions by now ...)

> 4) Now update .mrconfig (locally or on remote?) and commit

I usually update it in my local clone and push.
But this should also work on Alioth (after all the scripts for repo
creation and removal also update .mrconfig in some alioth-local

Hm, what do you think about putting these 4 steps in a tiny shell

(As rename-repository or similar, like setup-repository and
remove-repository, in our meta.git, and on Alioth symlinked from
/git/pkg-perl like the other 2?)


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