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Re: Perl packages LIE - Depends: perl (>= 5.8

> Most likely people don't want to support perl less than 5.8, or feel that 
> they are justified in insisting that people upgrade to a newer perl if 
> they want to do serious development.
 I'd consider such reasons abusing one's power as maintainer, I sure hope
noone is doing such things, and as far as I understand debian contract
prevents should prevent people from doing such bad things. This must be
something else.

> This is a pretty sane attitude for a package maintainer to have, to be 
> honest.  Whether it is "true" or not - whether the package CAN be built 
 usually such behaviour is being struck down - for example marking package
as buildable only on x86, while it can be made to work on wider range of
> with an older perl or not - is *completely* irrelevant.
 I'd consider defining smallest possible set of dependencies good practice,
maybe I should learn something?
Dariush Pietrzak,
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