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Re: Perl packages LIE - Depends: perl (>= 5.8

> > be questions rather than accusations. 
>  I thought I did exactly that. 

Well, you thought wrong.

> > you're destined for my killfile if you keep it up).
>  Have you heard about constructive critic?
> If you would prefer only good things about yourself, just let me know.
> In my eyes I'm providing grumpy service to this community, if it's not
> wanted - hey, all the better, it's not like I've got nothing better to do.

Here's a piece of constructive criticism for you: you're trolling, even
if you don't know it.

There are a better ways to provide constructive criticism than this,
such as a politely worded email which assumes the best rather than the
worst.  You can't criticize something - constructively or otherwise -
unless you understand it, and that's where you should have started.
Specific examples in your original email would have helped, too, rather
than a broad generalization.

Anyway, by assuming something bad about me - for the second time, with
no particular justification - you just made my killfile.  Good luck with
everyone else.


Kenneth J. Pronovici <pronovic@debian.org>

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