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Re: Perl packages LIE - Depends: perl (>= 5.8

> Not only his opinion. You started with an upper-case "LIE" in the
 still 'an opinion'. Mistaken at that.
> subject, which is good sign for yet another idiot with some weird idea.
 Are you trying to insult me? or who?
Where exactly can I find technical part of debian-perl?

> see if it is real problem. If you're right, we can try to fix it, but
 What about XML::Mini? RPC::XML? Crypt::CBC?
 in other words: librpc-xml-perl,libnet-easytcp-perl,libio-multiplex-perl,

 So once again, is there some legitimate reason for adding dependancy on
5.8 on packages that don't really need 5.8?

Dariush Pietrzak,
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