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[bts-link] source package Bug#184818: getting to know you Bug#186010: starving wages! Bug#210990: Move ahead in your career today! Bug#249579: spending time with you Bug#273548: opens the attached file very slowly Bug#288629: marked as done (-start Parameter does not exist) Bug#290016: /etc/printcap Bug#336528: marked as done (opening links from OOo under KDE freezes OOo) RE: Bug#337610: BASIC error on saving a document Bug#343942: error because of missing XLB script on saving a document Bug#348780: marked as done ( There should be description about howto use gnome/gtk widgets) Bug#351277: marked as done (draw object: pdf export does not contain lines) Bug#356901: marked as done ( Cleanup duplicate control fields) Bug#358570: marked as done ( signal 11 on startup) Bug#358793: impress: crashes when opening .odp, does recovery, crashes again Bug#359297: marked as done ( Old crashes writer on startup) Bug#360548: marked as done ( Openoffice crashes on startup) Bug#361397: Unreadable menus Bug#361442: marked as done ( Does not contain Lithuanian help files) Bug#362861: marked as done ( suggests virtual package not provided anymore) Bug#365571: marked as done ( 2.0 help does not start) Bug#365571: 2.0 help does not start Bug#365571: SOLVED Bug#365964: changes all function names to German upon installation Bug#366891: openoffice needs 3.9 megabytes in $HOME just to test drive Bug#367239: please switch to libnspr4-0d Bug#367423: crash openning/saving a document containing form controls Bug#367433: Hebrew language pack disables all drop down lists Bug#367433: unable to return to English interface after installation Bug#367641: openoffice segfaults at startup Bug#367684: Table of Contents prevents control-a from selecting whole file in oowriter Bug#367793: Discovered what error was crashing Base Bug#367793: Further Info: Any constraint violation in combination with a form with certain macros results in hang Bug#367793: Base hangs when saving new record with database forms I will attach Bug#368574: 2.0.2-3 crashes on some documents; 2.0.2-2 is OK Bug#369101: Build-Dependencies: render-dev -> x11proto-render-dev Bug#369470: Inserting a chart is extremely slow Bug#369729: Interface fonts are severely jagged suddenly in Etch Finance managers are wanted (msg id = C1w ) Langue et culture arabes LOOKING FOR LIFE PATNER New installation cannot starting ooffice -writer could not start OpenOffice Crash when Clicking Hyperlinks openoffice.org_2.0.2-3_source+amd64+i386+all+source.changes ACCEPTED Processed: [bts-link] source package Processed: merge Processed: reassign 341609 to, merging 341609 352737 Processed: Re: Bug#367239: please switch to libnspr4-0d Processed: Re: Bug#368574: 2.0.2-3 crashes on some documents; 2.0.2-2 is OK Processed: Re: Bug#369101: Build-Dependencies: render-dev -> x11proto-render-dev Processed: submitter 351229 Processed: tagging 319548 Processed: tagging 336528 Processed: tagging 345152 Processed: tagging 364333 The last update was on 14:16 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 67 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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