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Re: negative vote for maintainer Michael Gilbert

I have joined Debian three days ago. There is no blocking bugs in the
package I do maintain.

You evidently deceive critique with aggressiveness, it fits in point
c) above. I perceive Debian not as a school for children with special
needs, in my opinion, I am allowed to describe things as they are,
without a special permission or holding Companion of Honour medal. Not
all humans are Debian maintainers, there is no obligation to volunteer
to maintain any package if you have no time for that.

Asking about _what did i do_ also fits into point c). My question was
about last three years of package maintainer, not my three days here.
About bug #516394 - it cannot be patched, as nothing is broken. A
package maintainer had enough time to convince the Security Team they
are wrong. But it fits in the point e) - it requires strong effort, as
the Security team seems to be immune to arguments, similar to the most
of discussant in this thread.


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