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Re: negative vote for maintainer Michael Gilbert

OK, everything is clear.

This is what I have learned in just two days on the list for new maintainers:

a) as the maintainer, you do not have to do anything, it is enough to
wait for patches arriving directly to your mailbox, and your job may
be easily limited to acknowledge of existence of a bug,

b) you must use words: hate, bullshit, etc. in all discussions - it
solves the problem by eliminating the other part from the discuss,
they are usually emotionally weaker,

c) if you are loyal to the rest of debian members, you are immune to
critique and always can claim that the other part of discuss is not
doing _your_ job, although they could,

d) you should maintain as many packages as you can, it looks much
better when you show off. It will be also much easier to apply for a
renowned position of DD, when you will be recommended, that you are
taking care of packages alpha, beta, gamma, delta, ..., zeta, nX,

e) you should take care at the beginning, when it is interesting and
new, later, when you are well established, passivity is preferred, at
least you do not have any troubles with b)

In such conditions, it should absolutely not be a surprise, there are
bugs waiting for years, and the maintainer still has his job:


we just need to wait and be patient. What mean thousand days if we
compare it to eternity? Nothing.

Two days, and I have learned everything needed to be a good
maintainer, it is a really an outstanding school! Welcome on-board.


PS thanks for few normal comments. I am not against anyone, I just
think I should treat my commitment seriously. Not more, not less.

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