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negative vote for maintainer Michael Gilbert


I would like to know how can you give a negative vote for a maintainer
who neglects serious bugs in the packages he's supposed to look after.

Michael Gilbert <michael.s.gilbert@gmail.com> ignores a serious bug
#641873 in package xpdf for the last 3 months. xpdf is the only
linux lean and fast alternative PDF viewer and it is broken in Debian.
The bug is only present with the debian patches so he's the only person
who can fix this.

The same xpdf package also has bug #640515 also 3 months old - xpdf
segfaults when printing.

I wonder why is the xpdf package included in this shape in Debian at all
if you can't view text and can't print.

Other exaples of unsolved bugs: #622877 from 15 April 2011 (xpdf can't
print landscape documents); this one is from the time you could still 
print in xpdf.

So I would like to know what is the process to vote out a maintainer
if he doesn't step aside and lets someone who is interested in
maintaining his own packages.

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