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Re: negative vote for maintainer Michael Gilbert

Am 04.01.2012 17:07, schrieb Sergiusz Pawlowicz:
In Wed, Jan 4, 2012 at 15:29, Ana Guerrero<ana@debian.org>  wrote:

Debian is made for volunteers and sometimes people do not have time for
their packages or for answering all the bugs in the Bug Tracking System.
This does not make people automatically bad maintainers.

I do second Emil, if you do not have time for three months, you just
should not be a maintainer. You can participate to Debian in other
ways, according to your spare time.

It is simple like that.

Last year I also couldn't work on Debian for a few months, there are also other DDs, DMs and so on which have to spend more time to their private life/work/trouble.
Do you want to say, that all those people should give up Debian?

I also can't see any error of Michael with his handling of #641873.
He answered multiple times, tried to track it down, added tags that he confirmed the issue and that he needs help! So instead of starting a campaign against him here, it would be a better idea to spent your time on helping him..


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