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Re: negative vote for maintainer Michael Gilbert

On 01/05/2012 05:03 PM, Sergiusz Pawlowicz wrote:
> OK, everything is clear.
> This is what I have learned in just two days on the list for new maintainers:
> a) as the maintainer, you do not have to do anything, it is enough to
> wait for patches arriving directly to your mailbox, and your job may
> be easily limited to acknowledge of existence of a bug,
Nobody said it's ideal, but it's commonly accepted to do this if you are
busy with other things, because our contributions to Debian are based
on volunteering, and sometimes, we have obligations and duties, like
all humans.
> b) you must use words: hate, bullshit, etc. in all discussions - it
> solves the problem by eliminating the other part from the discuss,
> they are usually emotionally weaker,
Don't you think that *YOU* are the one being over-aggressive here?
Please don't complain about something, while doing it.
> c) if you are loyal to the rest of debian members, you are immune to
> critique
COME ON ! Absolutely nobody is immune to critics !
> d) you should maintain as many packages as you can, it looks much
> better when you show off.
Clearly, this isn't the case. In many cases, it has been said that
maintainers should limit themselves to a limited amount of
packages, and that team-maintenance is encouraged. Make a
quick search if you aren't convinced. There's also few (controversial)
cases where FTP-Masters just refuse new packages form some DD
that already maintained too much packages.
> e) you should take care at the beginning, when it is interesting and
> new, later, when you are well established, passivity is preferred, at
> least you do not have any troubles with b)
> In such conditions, it should absolutely not be a surprise, there are
> bugs waiting for years, and the maintainer still has his job:
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=516394
> we just need to wait and be patient. What mean thousand days if we
> compare it to eternity? Nothing.

If you care about djbdns, how come your first message to this bug entry
was made 3 days ago? Where's the link to the .dsc file for your patched
version, so it can be uploaded to the archive?

The way it works is not "wait and be patient", but "if you care, please
contribute and make it happens". You just fall into the "I do criticize,
but I do nothing" category (unless you prove it by showing people
of this list what you've done, I'd be very happy to be proven wrong).
That generally doesn't lead to others taking much care of your critics.

Also, I didn't find your QA page. Where's the list of packages that
you maintain in Debian, so we can see how good you are?

Cheers (and happy new year),


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